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Sentence ending particle “ne”


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” Ne ” indicates agreement, confirmation or sympathy.

暑いあつです。→ そうです 。 It is hot, isn’t it? → Yes, it is.( I think so, too )

レッスンは4月からです 。The lesson will start from April, am I right?

It can also soften a request.

また連絡れんらくしてください。また連絡して。 Please contact me again. (please keep in touch )

Sometimes the speaker will use ” ne ” in a monologue: in this case it indicates the speaker’s subjective reflection, trying to reach back into memories or thought.

日本にほんものなにがいちばんきですか。Among Japanese food, what do you like the best?

そうです…(Let me see…) おこのきが大好だいすきです。 I love Okonomiyaki.

Musicals in Japanese


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If you are a musical theatre fan and also interested in Japanese lauguage, there are some videos ” Stay home musical “

日本語 Do you hear the people sing? from -Les miserables- 民衆の歌

日本語 You will be found from Dear Evan Hansen

You can compare with English version.

英語 English Do you hear the people sing?

英語 English  You will be found



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Japanese classics in a time of contagion


J-pop song for spring


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This is my favorite J- pop song for spring.


I love spring but this year we need to stay home. I listen this song and wait until next spring.

Studying Japanese at home


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These are the websites I recommend for learning Japanese .


Hirogaru ひろがる
They have various topics such as Sweets, Music, Martial arts, Anime and more. You can choose to watch videos with or without subtitles. They also have related articles , kanji practice and topics with audio.
NHK news web easy
They provide simplified news scripts with easy Japanese on a daily bases. You can select with Furigana( kanji reading ) or without them.
This is very useful travel web magazine. You can choose various languages including easy Japanese.



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感染(かんせん)→infection  うつる→pass from , be infected


免疫力(めんえきりょく)→immune system

発熱(はつねつ)/ 熱(ねつ)がでる→have a fever せき→coughing

手洗い(てあらい)→washing hands 消毒(しょうどく)/殺菌(さっきん)→sterilization

自粛(じしゅく)→ self restraint

中止(ちゅうし)→cancellation 延期(えんき)→ postponement

The wesite of Ministry of Health Japan