Fumiko Nishimura  ( born in 1977 )



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◆ I passed the Japanese language teaching competency test, certified by JEES (Nihongo Kyoiku Nouryoku Kentei ) 日本語教育能力検定

◆ I have completed the studies for the 420 hour Advanced Skills of Teaching Japanese Language Course 日本語教師養成講座420時間修了

◆ I have finished the required courses of the basic programs for an  international guide of the Japanese culture (日本文化を伝える国際ボランティア・ガイド基礎力養成), study of Japanese culture and society (日本の文化と社会) , cross cultural understanding support (異文化理解支援 ), certified by The Open University of Japan.

◆ TOEIC score 940

◆ Thai language proficiency test level 3 การสอบวัดระดับความสามารถภาษาไทย ระดับ3   実用タイ語検定試験3級


If you speak Japanese, your Japanese life will be more enjoyable and it will help you to see the Japanese culture more clearly.

I have been teaching for almost 15 years. I can teach Japanese in both English and Japanese. If you are a complete beginner, please don't worry about it. I also enjoy teaching advanced students by using Japanese only. You can study at your own pace and we can discuss your goals and create a lesson plan together.

I love teaching and I like getting asked lots of questions during each lesson. I am also learning from my students everyday.

We keep trying to understand different cultures and better understand our own culture when we are learning. I believe that learning a foreign language can be a tool for peace.

I would like to show you the beauty of the Japanese language. Please feel free to contact me   here.

Japanese podcast for advanced learners

Fumiko Nishimura