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Tip for JLPT N1


loyalty grammar

If you have taken the JLPT N1 multiple times but haven’t passed yet, I recommend going back to the N2 textbooks. This may feel like a backward step, but it is an important process. Based on my experience, the students who barely passed N2 may not be ready for N1 level study.


The content for both N1 and N2 overlap, meaning you need to remember enough grammar points from the N2 level. 


When I take the exam, usually once I pass, I don’t want to see the textbooks again! So if you are like me and don’t like working on the same book again you can get a new one, but it is better to go through the N2 book one more time.


Anyway, the exam requires tactics, like a technique so if you can’t pass,  it doesn’t necessarily mean you are not at an advanced level. I believe that continuing to revise and learn still helps you a lot. Please continue your studies without stressing yourself too much.