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Kanji 場 インスタの復習


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「場」を使った言葉です。place の意味があります。

Motivation for learning languages


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To keep your motivation is very important for learning languages.

It is good to set a goal for your motivation. Taking JLPT is one of the good motivation for many students. I appreciate all of my students who keep trying advanced levels. I think when you just want to have a daily life in Japan or travel around, N3 is good enough to communicate. When you would like to settle your life and establish deeper relationships or enjoy Japanese books, movies, games, animations and more you need at least N2 level.  I truly think N1 and N2 are challenging.


Also studying Japanese just because you like is a strong motivation. If you are big fan of J-pop, games, movies, and traditional cultures etc, you can always enjoy learning.


Using something you like is very important. You can watch YouTube or some programs made by the Japanese talking about something related to your hobbies are also good.  I recommend using these materials even if you feel it is too difficult at first time you don’t need to understand everything. You can put them as background music if you don’t have enough time to study. They can be good tools you can learn something outside from the textbook Japanese.


I hope each Japanese learners find their own way to keep learning Japanese.




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