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I have added a new comment from my student.


I am so happy to read her comment and really appreciate it.



State of emergency in Osaka


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Japanese government has lifted the state of emergency in Osaka, but still the Osaka governor stressed that Osaka will gradually loosen the request. I am still monitoring the situation and keep having online lessons. I will gradually restart the lessons in person so please contact me if you have any questions.


Online lessons


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The Japanese government extended the state of emergency to March 7th.

In Kansai Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo all remain under the “緊急事態宣言きんきゅうじたいせんげん

I will keep all of my lessons online via Skype or Zoom.


State of emergency


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Japanese government declared a state of emergency in Osaka, so that all of my lessons are online until Feb. 7.

大阪にも緊急事態宣言きんきゅうじたいせんげんが発令されました。そのためすべてのレッスンは現在 SkypeとZoomを使った オンラインのみになります。


Online lessons


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Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic most of my lessons are online. I liked teaching in person very much and back in April I wasn’t sure if I could keep teaching. Thanks to the internet I have been able to continue and even though I have fewer lessons compared to the last year I have more overseas students studying Japanese.

I have been working on improving my teaching materials for online lessons and adjusting to new techniques. Now I realize I can enjoy both styles so I would like to keep giving online lessons after things get back to normal.


緊急事態宣言(きんきゅうじたいせんげん)→declaration of a state of emergency

Face-to-face lesson


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I had a lesson at a coffee shop in Kyobashi this week. It was the first time since Covid-19 outbreak. I am still monitoring the situation and I am adjusting the schedule at this time.  Most of my lessons are still via Skype, but it was nice to have a lesson in person.

Especially when I teach beginner students, I prefer to having face-to-face lesson. Hopefully the virus will be contained soon.