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loyalty grammar

The Japanese language is not so strict about pluralization as English is.

Normally the word ねこ which means cat , can be a cat, some cats or cats in general. There are some specific words and suffixes to pluralize nouns, but when you are a beginner please don’t worry too much about whether they are singular or plural.

ねこが好きです。  I like cats ( in general )

あそこにねこがいます。can be “there is a cat over there” or “there are some cats over there”.

友だちと学校へ行きます。 can be ” I go to school with my friend ” or ” I go to school with my friends.”

Sentence ending particle “yo”


loyalty grammar

“Yo” indicates mild emphasis when the speaker is very sure of what she or he is saying.


This cookie is delicious. ( so I recommend this cookie. )

It is often used to convey informarion which the listener doesn’t know.

パーティは何時なんじからですか。→ 3時からですよ。

What time does the party start? → It starts at 3:00. 

You can use “yo” to get someone’s attention.

ばんごはんですよ!  Dinner’s ready!!

“Yo” can also be used when the speaker is making a judgment, so be careful not to put too much stress on it, and do not overuse it; otherwise you might sound aggressive.

Sentence ending particle “ne”


loyalty grammar

” Ne ” indicates agreement, confirmation or sympathy.

暑いあつです。→ そうです 。 It is hot, isn’t it? → Yes, it is.( I think so, too )

レッスンは4月からです 。The lesson will start from April, am I right?

It can also soften a request.

また連絡れんらくしてください。また連絡して。 Please contact me again. (please keep in touch )

Sometimes the speaker will use ” ne ” in a monologue: in this case it indicates the speaker’s subjective reflection, trying to reach back into memories or thought.

日本にほんものなにがいちばんきですか。Among Japanese food, what do you like the best?

そうです…(Let me see…) おこのきが大好だいすきです。 I love Okonomiyaki.



loyalty JLPT



2 (こま)かいお金 でした。



細かいお金 = コイン が 必要(ひつよう)です。



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loyalty JLPT


(  )に(はい)言葉(ことば)はどれですか。


(さつ)しか()っていません。(   )がありますか。


)1   大きいお金

2   細かいお金

3 細いお金

4   少ないお金








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loyalty JLPT

この(まえ)問題(もんだい)こたえです。 答えはBです。


B 病院へ 父の お見舞い に 行きました。


見舞みまい = visiting someone who is hospitalized


見合(みあ)い =  arranged marriage