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Sentence ending particle “ne”


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” Ne ” indicates agreement, confirmation or sympathy.

暑いあつです。→ そうです 。 It is hot, isn’t it? → Yes, it is.( I think so, too )

レッスンは4月からです 。The lesson will start from April, am I right?

It can also soften a request.

また連絡れんらくしてください。また連絡して。 Please contact me again. (please keep in touch )

Sometimes the speaker will use ” ne ” in a monologue: in this case it indicates the speaker’s subjective reflection, trying to reach back into memories or thought.

日本にほんものなにがいちばんきですか。Among Japanese food, what do you like the best?

そうです…(Let me see…) おこのきが大好だいすきです。 I love Okonomiyaki.

Lesson レッスンについて


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After Japanese government has lifted the state of emergency for all prefectures, we still need to be careful and they called on the New Lifestyle”. check here

I will keep Skype lessons during June. It is difficult for me to eatablish a regular schedule at this time but hopefully I can restart face-to-face lessons at the coffee shop soon, so please contact me and let me know your requests for the lessons.

New life style 新しい生活様式


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The state of emergency has lifted in 39 prefectures, however Osaka is not yet included in this list.



Even after the government relaxed the restrictions, they called on ” new life style” practices.

You can check the website here: I have included both the Japanese and the English version.

英語 English  日本語 Japanese

日本語の3みつは 密閉みっぺい 密集みっしゅう 密接みっせつ です。

英語では3Cs です。

密閉 Confined spaces 密集 Crouded places 密接 Close contact settings

Musicals in Japanese


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If you are a musical theatre fan and also interested in Japanese lauguage, there are some videos ” Stay home musical “

日本語 Do you hear the people sing? from -Les miserables- 民衆の歌

日本語 You will be found from Dear Evan Hansen

You can compare with English version.

英語 English Do you hear the people sing?

英語 English  You will be found



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Japanese classics in a time of contagion


useful websites for information


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Information about infectious diseases by Osaka prefectural government.

Osaka International house of foundation

Ministry of Health, Lobour and Welfare