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Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic most of my lessons are online. I liked teaching in person very much and back in April I wasn’t sure if I could keep teaching. Thanks to the internet I have been able to continue and even though I have fewer lessons compared to the last year I have more overseas students studying Japanese.

I have been working on improving my teaching materials for online lessons and adjusting to new techniques. Now I realize I can enjoy both styles so I would like to keep giving online lessons after things get back to normal.


緊急事態宣言(きんきゅうじたいせんげん)→declaration of a state of emergency

The logo for Expo 2025


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It represents the “brilliance of life”, the designer said that he was inspired by Taro Okamoto who is my favorite artist. This surreal looking logo definitely catches our eyes.

Expo 2025


万博(ばんぱく)→expo     ロゴ→logo

発表(はっぴょう)→ announcement  発表される→be announced

Reading practice


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Many students ask me if there are any books they can read when they complete the beginner level.

Some students try to read Japanese books for children because they have more hiragana and furigana, but sometimes the vocabulary and expressions in these books are much too difficult, or their stories are not interesting enough for adult students.

I use 「小説ミラーさん」for reading practice.

I recommend this novel because it is about Miller’s daily life in Japan, using basic vocabulary and grammar points for those who have finished elementary study. This book is based on the series of「みんなの日本語 Minna no Nihongo」textbooks , but even though you have never used this series it is still good to read when you finished elementary level.

I cannot deny that there are some stereotypical terms related to “being in Japan as a foreigner” in this book, but it is still good for reading practice and creates a certain sense of accomplishment at having read a whole novel in Japanese.



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The Japanese language is not so strict about pluralization as English is.

Normaly the word ねこ which means cat , can be a cat, some cats or cats in general. There are some specific words and suffixes to pluralize nouns, but when you are a beginner please don’t worry too much about whether they are singular or plural.

ねこが好きです。  I like cats ( in general )

あそこにねこがいます。can be “there is a cat over there” or “there are some cats over there”.

友だちと学校へ行きます。 can be ” I go to school with my friend ” or ” I go to school with my friends.”



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There has been alot of rain this year.




梅雨(つゆ)rainy season 雨期(うき)rainy season

つゆ is the word for rainy season in Japan. We have another word  for the rainy season. It is うき which means “rainy period” . Japanese うき is つゆ so we use つゆ when we talk about Japanese rainy season. 

大雨(おおあめ) →heavy rain

小雨(こさめ)→light rain

霧雨(きりさめ) →drizzle

どしゃ降り(どしゃぶり) →downpour ,heavy rain

洪水(こうずい) →flood 

土砂崩れ(どしゃくずれ) →landslide

注意報(ちゅういほう)→advisory/watch 洪水注意報(こうずいちゅういほう)→flood advisory

警報(けいほう) →warning/alert 洪水警報(こうずいけいほう)→ flood warning

ふります is the verb means “fall “for rain.

やみます is the verb means “stop” for rain.


Face-to-face lesson


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I had a lesson at a coffee shop in Kyobashi this week. It was the first time since Covid-19 outbreak. I am still monitoring the situation and I am adjusting the schedule at this time.  Most of my lessons are still via Skype, but it was nice to have a lesson in person.

Especially when I teach beginner students, I prefer to having face-to-face lesson. Hopefully the virus will be contained soon.