I was very happy with the class of Nishimura sensei. My Japanese skill has been improved a lot by her teaching. Her class was very flexible and she was very kind and patient enough to teach student like me. To me she is not only teacher but she is also my Japanese friend who is open-minded to listen to our complaints in any topics. Additionally, she is an expert of knowing nice places for dining and visiting in Osaka. I recommend you to have her class and you will find your life in Japan is more meaningful.



Nishimura Sensei is a polite and steady teacher who has a fantastic natural aptitude for understanding her student's Japanese ability and levelling herself to them. She is incredibly knowledgeable and throughout the almost four years that I have studied under her guidance, she has proven to be indispensable and always offers me the highest level of support in both English and Japanese; even despite my sometimes overly specific questions.

No matter how new to Japanese you are, nor how much of a veteran you may be, she will always surprise you with a new and dynamic facet of Japanese or Japanese culture which you might never have come across nor understood otherwise.

This coupled with her flexible lesson timings, locations and her impressive knowledge of the current Japanese study materials available, makes her an unbeatable study partner. I can't recommend her highly enough.



I studied with Nishimura Sensei for a little under a year. My time spent with her has been invaluable as she has really helped me become comfortable immersing myself in Japanese life. As a teacher, she tailored the class to be as beneficial to me as possible and patiently aided me whenever I had questions or difficulties. It also helps that she’s a very easy person to talk to and feel relaxed with. Nishimura Sensei was not only my Japanese teacher, but she has fast become my friend.



Fumiko is a fabulous mentor and instructor of Japanese language and culture. She teaches with purpose, patience, compassion and curiosity. Her mastery and dedication to her craft drove me to succeed and continues to inspire me today. Having only basic knowledge of hiragana and katakana to start, in just a year and a half of weekly private lessons I was able to pass the JLPT N4. Best of all, I gained insight and clarity into my life in Japan. If you’re looking for a teacher in the Osaka area, look no further.



I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nishimura Sensei for several years, since I began my academic studies at a graduate school program in Kyoto. Specifically, I was searching for a teacher that could help me not only achieve business-level speaking and writing proficiency, but also a deeper understanding of Japanese business culture and society generally. The skills I developed under Nishimura Sensei’s tutelage were key to my successful completion of the master’s program. And, as my career has continued to develop, Nishimura remains an important guide for me in matters related to Japanese language, manner and contemporary society. I work frequently with high-level Japanese officials, creating bilingual written communications on matters for which clear and accurate messaging is essential. I benefit greatly from Nishimura Sensei’s coaching and advice.



I arrived in Japan with an extremely limited knowledge of Japanese but determined to study once I settled in. I was very fortunate to come across Nishimura Sensei’s website and decided to give her lessons a try. Nishimura Sensei tailors her lessons to meet the needs of her students. If you’re looking to get a JLPT certification or just wanting to improve your conversational ability, her guidance is invaluable. Together, we decided that a thorough and detailed approach would be best for my goals. In three and a half years, I went from nothing to passing the JLPT N2. Beyond obtaining my N2 certification, she helped me better understand and appreciate the culture of Japan. Her lessons significantly improved my experience of living in Japan, both professionally and personally. I would recommend her lessons to anyone who is interested in studying Japanese and Japanese Culture.