Fee for private lessons

No registration fee

A trial online session is available and you can decide whether you want to take my lesson or not after the session, it takes about 30 minutes.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak online lessons are available.

Lesson fee/ online via Zoom

60min → 3300yen **Advanced payment for 10 lessons 30000yen(10% off/Only for 60 minutes)
90min(recommended) → 4000yen
120min → 5500yen

All payments are due in advance, there may be an extra fee for money transfer.

Lesson fee/ in person : face-to-face at Kyobashi OBP area

60min → 3500yen
90min(recommended) → 4500yen
120min → 6000yen

All payments are due immediately after each lesson in cash. Advance payments may be made with my permission.

Other area

I charge extra fee for travel expenses.

About cancellation

Cancellation within 24 hours will result in a cancellation fee.
Also cancellation without notice you will be charged the full tuition fee.

Group lesson

I can have group lesson discount.

Special lesson for JLPT

"All You Can Ask About Shin Kanzenmaster N2 grammar"

"All You Can ask about Shin Kanzanmaster N3 grammar "

This is a 4-lesson pack using the textbook “Shin Kanzenmaster N2 or N3 grammar“.

10000 yen for 4 online lessons via Zoom ( 50 minutes × 4 times )

You can ask any questions about this textbook or we can work on it together.

Kanzenmaster N2
新完全マスター文法 日本語能力試験N2
Japanese textbook
新完全マスター文法 日本語能力試験N3