Fumiko Nishimura ( born in 1977 )


Foods, Traveling, Arts, Books, Movies, Performing arts, Foreign cultures


◆ I passed the Japanese language teaching competency test, certified by JEES (Nihongo Kyoiku Nouryoku Kentei )

◆ I have completed the studies for the 420 hour Advanced Skills of Teaching Japanese Language Course

◆ I have finished the required courses of the basic program for an  international guide of the Japanese culture, certified by The Open University of Japan.


If you speak Japanese, your Japanese life will be more enjoyable and it will help you to see the Japanese culture more clearly.

I have been teaching for about 10 years. I can teach Japanese in both English and Japanese. If you are a complete beginner, please don't worry about it. I also enjoy teaching advanced students when I can only use Japanese. You can study at your own pace and we can discuss your goals and create a lesson plan together.

I love teaching and being asked many questions during the lesson. I am also learning from my students.

I would like to show you the beauty of the Japanese language.

I am looking forward to teaching and learning with you.