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Instagram for beginner level Japanese


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I’ve started posting Instagram for beginner level learners.

初級しょきゅうレベルの日本語が学べるインスタグラムをはじめました。 Instagram

For advanced students, I recommend podcast.


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Updating podcast 新しいエピソード


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大阪弁について話しています。JLPT N2 N1レベルの方向けのポッドキャストです。

Japanese podcast for advanced learners




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I am still struggling to speak naturally . I am too nerves recording my voice.

Japanese podcast for advanced learners


Japanese vocabulary for vaccination


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This is the vocabulary list for vaccination.

ワクチンはもう打ちうましたか。Have you got the vaccination?

まだです。 Not yet.

うちました。 I have.

Japanese vocabulary

Information for vaccination → click

Textbooks for advanced students


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There are many textbooks for JLPT N2 and N1.

New Kanzen Master is one of the popular series. 


I have been using this series quite often, especially with my students who like studying Japanese in depth.

Since the explanations are all in Japanese, they require a lot of patience and time.


I wouldn’t recommend them for people who found N3 or N2 a struggle, but if you enjoy learning grammatical structures, they are very useful.


It is very important to understand Japanese grammar points as expressed in Japanese.

With only the English explanations, it is difficult to understand the different nuances between similar grammar points.


If you don’t have enough time to prepare for the JLPT, or you have a different learning style, I can recommend different textbooks.

Watch this space.

Reading practice


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Many students ask me if there are any books they can read when they complete the beginner level.

Some students try to read Japanese books for children because they have more hiragana and furigana, but sometimes the vocabulary and expressions in these books are much too difficult, or their stories are not interesting enough for adult students.

I use 「小説ミラーさん」for reading practice.

I recommend this novel because it is about Miller’s daily life in Japan, using basic vocabulary and grammar points for those who have finished elementary study. This book is based on the series of「みんなの日本語 Minna no Nihongo」textbooks , but even though you have never used this series it is still good to read when you finished elementary level.

I cannot deny that there are some stereotypical terms related to “being in Japan as a foreigner” in this book, but it is still good for reading practice and creates a certain sense of accomplishment at having read a whole novel in Japanese.