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Textbooks for advanced students


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There are many textbooks for JLPT N2 and N1.

New Kanzen Master is one of the popular series. 


I have been using this series quite often, especially with my students who like studying Japanese in depth.

Since the explanations are all in Japanese, they require a lot of patience and time.


I wouldn’t recommend them for people who found N3 or N2 a struggle, but if you enjoy learning grammatical structures, they are very useful.


It is very important to understand Japanese grammar points as expressed in Japanese.

With only the English explanations, it is difficult to understand the different nuances between similar grammar points.


If you don’t have enough time to prepare for the JLPT, or you have a different learning style, I can recommend different textbooks.

Watch this space.



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The Japanese language is not so strict about pluralization as English is.

Normaly the word ねこ which means cat , can be a cat, some cats or cats in general. There are some specific words and suffixes to pluralize nouns, but when you are a beginner please don’t worry too much about whether they are singular or plural.

ねこが好きです。  I like cats ( in general )

あそこにねこがいます。can be “there is a cat over there” or “there are some cats over there”.

友だちと学校へ行きます。 can be ” I go to school with my friend ” or ” I go to school with my friends.”

Musical song in Japanese2


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If you are a musical theatre fan and also interested in Japanese lauguage, I found another “stay home musical video ” in Japanese.


Seasons of Love from “RENT”

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred  日本語で言えますか?




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Japanese classics in a time of contagion


J-pop song for spring


loyalty life in Kansai

This is my favorite J- pop song for spring.


I love spring but this year we need to stay home. I listen this song and wait until next spring.

Studying Japanese at home


loyalty Learn Japanese

These are the websites I recommend for learning Japanese .


Hirogaru ひろがる
They have various topics such as Sweets, Music, Martial arts, Anime and more. You can choose to watch videos with or without subtitles. They also have related articles , kanji practice and topics with audio.
NHK news web easy
They provide simplified news scripts with easy Japanese on a daily bases. You can select with Furigana( kanji reading ) or without them.
This is very useful travel web magazine. You can choose various languages including easy Japanese.