Let’s learn Japanese in Osaka!!

If you speak Japanese, your Japanese life will be more enjoyable!!

About Lessons

**I can teach Japanese in both English and Japanese so if you are a complete beginner, please do not worry.
I also enjoy teaching advanced students.

We can make our original lesson plan together.

Let’s learn Japanese in Osaka!!

Tuition fee is reasonable. LearnMore

My students are from

America, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia, Jamaica, Philippines, Thailand ……and more

Learning Japanese in Osaka

From beginner
Taught by a professional native Japanese speaker
At a coffee shop around Umeda Osaka area, Kyobashi(Osaka business park )area 
**Instructor can speak English
Private lessons
Small group lessons(with your friends )
Brush up on your Japanese
Kanji practice
Preparation for JLPT (Japanese language proficiency test)

Let’s learn Japanese in Osaka!!


Osaka Umeda area
Kyobashi(Osaka business park) area